If you are born on September 30, you are automatically gay. Or at least fruity.
“Today is my birthday!”
“You are born on September 30?”
You’re gay.”
by scarxlett April 21, 2022
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The day you hug/confess your crush/girlfriend/boyfriend
Ew why did you hug me”
“Its September 30”
by ✨quackers✨ September 30, 2021
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Be nice to your friend names Harriet day
you: hey harriet, looking snazzy
harriet: why thank you
you: i only said that because its September 30th.
harriet: oh
by September 30 September 28, 2021
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hey, on September 30 we get to pick on mosh!
mosh (tomaš) is a squirrelly clown
you’re a rat, mosh (tomaš)
mosh, your parents always watch scary movies so you’ll cover your face.
by oliviab0204 September 30, 2019
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Hey, its September 30
omg today we celebrate nikocado avocado

Ik hes so cool
by nikocado avocado January 4, 2021
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the day real bitches were born. most likely can rap.
yo did you see beth today she was spittin fire at lunch. she was definitely born on september 30th
by spicy peppermint October 16, 2019
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It's Viviane day and hers only. Viviane could be defined as the scent of a fresh painting or as a cool pair of socks. Noice, woulsh!
It's Vivi' day! Let's get funky! Only on september 30 we can!
by SophieBackFromHell October 15, 2019
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