AUGUST 30th Grab someone’s big ole thigh and show them some luvin
Damn lemme grab that thigh to show them some luvin (thigh day)
by Patricia_jones August 30, 2019
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April 25th. The day all women are required to give their mans all they can take of super thiccy thicc thighs. Happy National thigh day!
Dude you ready for National thigh day?
Hell yeah man!
by Colin the VR headset April 7, 2019
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October 24 is national grip thigh day don’t matter the gender you can walk up to someone and grip they thigh
If your in class just walk up to someone and grip they thigh and that’s grip thigh day
by Jevolisyourdadddy October 24, 2019
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National thigh day is October 23 so grab thighs and ask for thigh pictures this can go for either male or females.
I cant believe it's October 23 it's National thigh day.
by Skirt October 23, 2018
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April 20th, in addition to blazing it up, any and every girl is required to send thigh pictures upon request and/or allow their inner thigh to be caressed.
Yo, it’s National Thigh Day, time to grab the inside of a sexy ass leg.
by Terestrio April 20, 2018
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On October 16 it will be national grab/squeeze thigh day go up to your best friend,girlfriend, boyfriend, or hell even your sister and grab and squeeze there thighs
by daddy.Paul's October 16, 2019
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