The day i asked out my crush of 2 years.
son: what happened on september 15th dad
me: it was the day i fell in love with your mom and made her mine
by lifestories3488 August 4, 2021
september 15th:

the baddest bitches was born in this day and it’s s8 fax. your also a virgo too.
when’s your birthday?
september 15th

oh so you a bad bitch.
by bad bitche gospel 15:23 September 7, 2021
September first, 1989
Dear diary:
I believe I’m a good person, I mean i think that there’s good in everyone but, here we are, FIRST DAY OF SENIOR YEAR and I look at all this kids that i’ve known all my life and I ask myself “WHAT HAPPENED?”

Heathers the musical day, don’t ask a theatre kid the date that day, unless you wanna hear a whole musical complete or a six minutes song depends on the person.
X: Hey, what day is it today?
Theatre kid: OMG YOU JUST REMINDED ME -clears throat- September 1st 1989, dear diary.

X: What day is today?
X: Oh, it’s heathers the musical day!
by theatreidiots November 22, 2021
“Omg its September 1st, you know what that means right?”

“Yeah we have to go kiss Vilma
by Notvilma September 1, 2022
National slap your girls coochie day :)
On September 1st say to your girl, “What’s up shawty” then slap her coochie
by Yourmumisamilf<3 August 31, 2022
Friend 1: Guess what today is!!
Friend 2: September 1st?
Friend 1: No! It’s National No Squirt Day!
by mdaddie November 7, 2022