A month that falls later in the year. Usually looked down upon by children as it's the month school normally begins. Month that statistically more people marry in than any other month.
When the year falls into September, it's a peaceful time of year.
by jessikiss August 26, 2008
The month that babies made during drunk christmas times are born. Not in January, because that would be eight months...
Teacher: What month were you born in?
Student: September...
Teacher: Ha haha... your parents got a little tipsy during christmas.
by Blue's Clues June 15, 2009
No, no. It's not just that month when kids are born cause the 'rents' abortion failed. It's actually a lovely name. Children named September are free spirits that come from a loving home and don't give a crap what you think of them. They will always be there for you and often listen to 80's music. They have beautiful hair with eyes to match. If you don't know a September, GO FIND ONE!
Hold on, my September is calling me and I have to answer or her lovely hair will get all over my feet!
by WishitwasShannon June 22, 2011
September the best month of all

Also it makes so much sense that all of the September born people are so proud it’s coz where all virgos haha
Dude September is totally the best month
by Purple cherry ham January 13, 2020
Girls can’t squirt for the whole month. It is the female version of No Nut November

Cassidy: Oh no, it’s September

Jill: Why are you so bummed out?

Cassidy: Because it’s No Squirt September

Jill: Dang it, I shoulda used my August wisely.
by WhereTheHoesAt November 5, 2019
September is the month where there are the most fights amongst couples. There are more disputes in September than in every other month. The combination of summer coming to an end, school beginning and business around the country slowing down and causing many couples to struggle leads to a high amount of breakups.
Damn, I think it must be September. We don't see eye to eye at all anymore!
by GuRuU September 11, 2010
September is the mount where you can’t use the yellow app “Snap chat
Girl:Are you on snap chat in September”
Guy: yeah... Ohhhh snap
by Kaiori December 7, 2019