People born on this day stand at the pinnacle of society. Elites in every single way. You’ll always want this person as a friend but never as an enemy.
John: “yo Kevin is amazing! He’s so good at everything!”
Patrick: “I mean it makes sense, he was born on September 18 after all.”
by Defiiiner October 18, 2019
Me: omg do you know what tomorrow is?
Stranger: September 25th?
Me:yeah and that’s a bad bitches birthday :)
by this handle is taken October 16, 2019
queens and kings are born in this date. people should give you crowns and lots of gifts
ex:oh look, it's 21 September a queen/king born today, i am going to buy something special!
by _daniellee_ January 21, 2021
The day amazingly gorgeous people are born. Some weirdos too, but mostly absolutely gorgeous super models.
“Yo dude, that girl was born on September 25th”
“Ah now it makes sense.”
“What makes sense?”
Just fucking look at her.”
by Kid who cares October 18, 2019
One of the BADDEST BITCH OUT THERE if she was born one this day. she is also very Hot .
by The most ACCURATE definitions December 8, 2020
Only the elite are born on this day.
People born on this day are Hot, Thiccc, Intelligent and Funny! They’rea great friend and you should make an effort to be around them!
Bryan: Hey do you know why Julie is so intelligent, Hot asf, thiccc and funny
Nic: She was born on September 18
by thicccyyy_niccciii. thebaddest September 8, 2020
september 15th is one of the best days of the year for a lot of reasons, it’s not too cold and not too hot, it’s perfect. ( totally not saying this bcz it’s my birthday) but yeah it’s a pretty friking good day
september 15th is the superior holiday, uwu
by yeetfrickgirl October 16, 2019