Me: omg do you know what tomorrow is?
Stranger: September 25th?
Me:yeah and that’s a bad bitches birthday :)
by this handle is taken October 16, 2019
The day amazingly gorgeous people are born. Some weirdos too, but mostly absolutely gorgeous super models.
“Yo dude, that girl was born on September 25th”
“Ah now it makes sense.”
“What makes sense?”
Just fucking look at her.”
by Kid who cares October 18, 2019
Person A: Damn did you hear Brow did a September 25th.
Person B: Zamn!
by N0RSE January 17, 2022
3 months until Christmas! 🎅🏻
September 25th
by Lxxlee September 15, 2021
Brady - hey, I can’t wait for September 25th.
Avery - why?
Brady- it’s national give a boy a scrunchie day!
Avery- really, I’m gonna go get some now!
by Holidayzz September 24, 2019
September 25th, National Cazzi Piccanti day.
“Today is September 25th”
Yes, the national Cazzi Piccanti day!!”
by idfkmann November 29, 2021