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You are a girl, who is loud when with people most comfortable with, but shy when meeting new people. You have friends, and only a couple close friends. Your a girly girl and loves doing make up. she has a wild imagination.She is very beautiful and is very caring.Everyone wants to be her friend!!
"There kiriana i wish i cold be friends with her"

"kiriana is so beautiful"

by CHELSEA HALL July 27, 2014
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Ability to drink an abundance of alcoholic beverages also can mean the beacon of light and all things good.
"we can see the Kiriana!"
by Kirri-Cat January 24, 2012
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Kiriana is a name for a girl who pleads for attention. She's always optimistic, in this annoying way. Everyone thinks they're cool if they're with a kiriana. Kiriana girls are very popular, but can't handle the heat, and end up being mean and snobby. They're usually very tall with short straight hair. She has her own possy. Little do the boys know, kiriana girls are not good in bed.
Girl 1:"Look at that mean girl ahead!"
Girl 2:"She must be a kiriana
by nyan noodle January 15, 2012
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