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A beautiful girl and wonderful girl. She is just so pretty! She is also smart and perfect. But she can be a little crazy and stalkerish at times.
She is such a Seoyeon
by Soymilkkkkkk July 30, 2012
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Wife of Kim SeokJin.
Very popular for her kindness and respect.
"SeoYeon is so inspiring, I wanna be just like her."
by OOFFFF July 01, 2018
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A nice girl who makes lots of joke that can be mean but makes them into a funny joke it's very nice to know a seoyeon but she usually has problems with friendship and she is very talented and graceful. But she can try to get a lot of attention, and she is very unique its it is good to know a seoyeon and to be friends. A seoyeon can be very loud and quiet and she is a abrivert and she can make all types of friends and can adapt to any type of person although she can be quick to judge you can always count on her to be nice and supportive. She makes you happy and if there is something down she can make it happy or make it into a joke so her friends can be happy. Also she is Asian so she can be made fun of
by Linwolfsey November 13, 2018
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