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A useless way of saying that you’re attracted to one gender only (straight or gay). You’re basically stating your sexuality in a way more complicated and confusing way than it needs to be, instead of simply stating that you’re gay or straight.
Tim: What sexuality are you?

Tom: I’m semibisexual.

Tim: For guys or girls?

Tom: Girls

Tim: Then say you’re straight, you fucking idiot.
by Cage Swanson July 22, 2020
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A euphemism for “kill me” now that composting oneself after one’s death has become popular.
All right, why don’t you just compost me?
by Dr Bunnygirl March 22, 2020
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fucking dumbass way if saying your straight or gay, just fucking use the terms
"Mom,Im semibisexual."
"What gender, son."
"Its not that hard to call yourself straight you fucking disgrace."
by rando_muffin December 18, 2020
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A useless word used to get attention from people. Instead of stating that you are gay or straight. You can say that you are semibisexual to get people interested about you
Jane: I am semibisexual
Jake: what’s that?
Jane: I am only interested in Only one gender
Jake: Guys or Girls?
Jane: Guys
Jake: Sounds like straight with extra steps
Jane: You sexist bigot
by John smith3274 July 26, 2020
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A useless term used by straight people (mostly white girls) to describe their attraction of the opposite gender but seeking for validation and oppression points because it is "cool" to be quirky and different. Most people that use this term are SJW white liberals that are obsessed with the LGBT+community and have to constantly remind others that they're not homophobic.
Emily: "omg I came out as semibisexual, I'm only attracted to guys"
Normal person: "oh so you're straight"
Emily: "how dare you insult my sexuality you straight, cis, white, skinny privileged male.
by nobsplz August 24, 2020
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an overcomplicated way to say that your straight
mostly used by girls who want to be in the lgbtq+ community, so they can call anyone who disagrees with them 'homophobic'
justin: Hey, what sexuality are you?
amilie: semi-bisexual, it means im bisexual but im only attracted to boys (upsidedown smile normally goes here)
justin: isnt that just heterosexuality with more steps?
amilie: Stop being homophobic, justin.
by Justin :fire: December 09, 2020
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A person who is only attracted to one gender. A straight person who wants to feel included in the LGBTQ+ community.

You are straight. You fucking moron.
Barney: “What is you sexuality Jason?”

Jason: “I’m semi-bisexual!”

Barney: “you are straight. You icel.”
by Honeyc14 August 13, 2020
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