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The act of massaging the balls of a man with one hand while furiously fisting his fart box with the other free hand.
Just spent twelve hours last night giving and receiving a Semi Trailer with Mike, even though it hurts to sit down and my right hand smells like shit it was totally worth it!
by MCLovin0630 June 16, 2018
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when you are pooning a chick and you try to stuff ur nuts in too
also called "truck and dog" and "the FULL PACKAGE"
i gave that chick the FULL PACKAGE!
she got the FULL PACKAGE!
i semi trailered that biatch!
i got the whole truck and do g in there!
by [stooge](Zumpo) August 09, 2005
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1) a massive crap

2) like giving birth out the rear
mate i just backed out the biggest semi-tralier you will ever see!

Larry Bird drives Semi-trailers a lot after a big meal.
by J. Depor December 21, 2009
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