The act of massaging the balls of a man with one hand while furiously fisting his fart box with the other free hand.
Just spent twelve hours last night giving and receiving a Semi Trailer with Mike, even though it hurts to sit down and my right hand smells like shit it was totally worth it!
by MCLovin0630 June 14, 2018
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Noun, Slang- A dark “Possibly” wet hole typically located on females of the Midwest North American region that is used for stuffing “Usually” JUNK into and having high or low hopes of having to haul said hole around until death do them part by thee semi driver. Semi being English for: Part hauler part holler.

Trailer: more commonly referred to as a mobile home or male of a genital length reaching seven or more inches. One who is a member of thee seven up club #7UP.

Sought by winners however, not usually low enough to budge to take a semi-trailer on a date because they’re foul by age Adult.
This is my Semi-Trailer I will use it to attract a male. However, I’ll probably never be seen in public with out a male therefore causing high possibilities of ending the nickname given. If I’ve referred to this as my semi-trailer my boyfriend definitely was not a winner. 317
by RightTriangle October 07, 2019
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when you are pooning a chick and you try to stuff ur nuts in too
also called "truck and dog" and "the FULL PACKAGE"
i gave that chick the FULL PACKAGE!
she got the FULL PACKAGE!
i semi trailered that biatch!
i got the whole truck and do g in there!
by [stooge](Zumpo) August 09, 2005
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1) a massive crap

2) like giving birth out the rear
mate i just backed out the biggest semi-tralier you will ever see!

Larry Bird drives Semi-trailers a lot after a big meal.
by J. Depor December 21, 2009
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When a semi driver slams on the breaks to stop and the trailer shakes and bounces up and down. Usually due to inattentive truck drivers.
person 1- OMG! I thought that semi was gonna ass-end us.
person 2- Yeah it was having on hell of a Semi-trailer Seizure.
by esunc91 December 09, 2009
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