1: laid back nice guy. easy to get along with.

2: a mustache that looks like actor Tom Selleck's mustache
"I love that guy, he's so Selleck."

"His mustache is sick. He is rocking a killer Selleck!"
by saccomedybrian March 31, 2009
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A common euphemism for the "C-word". Used in polite company when the use of cunt is inappropriate.
"Oh no! I'm sorry Father O'Leary, it looks like we've run out of sausage rolls!"

"Nevermind my son, I think that fat old selleck ate them all."
by mikegloady November 6, 2006
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When an unshaven man gives a woman stubble burn after perfroming cunnilingus.
Joe needs to shave. He keeps giving me a Selleck, and it burns when I pee!
by Vegas & B-Daws June 18, 2004
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When a woman makes a mustache of vaginal juices on a man's upper lip after she fingers herself.
Judy pleasured herself and then gave Scott the selleck.
by Caseyjones February 14, 2014
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To have sex with a child that does not yet have pubic hair
Jesus walked in to the nursery school and sellecked the most beautiful child in the room.
by KTOG February 17, 2004
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Is ones ability to ram their rod(deep throat, go balls deep) down their partners oral orafice while simultaneously placing their pubes on the upper lip of the receiver. This invasive procedure produces a beautiful mustache not unlike the most glorious one of all time held by the legendary Tom Selleck.
Just before I banged your mom I gave her the Tom Selleck and took a picture!
by Chris Langford May 16, 2007
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Laying a juicy turd across someone's upper lip. A Tom Selleck can be given manually or if one is particularly accomplished, lay a Tom Selleck without the use of one's hands.
"When Jeff passed out, I squatted over his face and gave him a mean Tom Selleck." or "That guy gives one hell of a Tom Sellek."
by Stabitystab April 25, 2008
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