Hot and sexy, can be a surname for either gender. EXTREMELLY good in bed
Person A : wow did u see that hottie go by?
Person B : phew yea, totally a Lawler
by Hotchyci November 6, 2013
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Lawler is a fun caring man. He may not always text back immediate or remember to turn on notifications. You get mad at him for this but he remembers and apologizes. When on ft he ask you if he can leave and do the thing (play vr) and u say nooooo and he says yesss u flip him off and he leaves with a smile on his face.
Henry: Lawler your in love with Liles!
Lawler: Nooooo!
by purpleurplepurple March 1, 2022
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A grotesque, abnormal growth on a penis. Mainly found in the obese and elderly after long durations of not showering.
"Dude his cock was covered in lawlers. So fucking nasty."
by Slappy McGee March 17, 2009
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the last name of a girl with realy large breastessis that goes to my school bitch. used to describe ginourmous titties
by dolphin food October 21, 2007
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lawlers is a word based on the word lawl which is a retarded way of writing lol

So it's DOUBLY retarded. Now if you spell it in all-caps, it's one of the most retarded things you can say as of now.
"People who say lawlers are stupid."
by iopq August 30, 2004
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An nba "law" made by ralph lawler, a clippers commentator. Basically says first to 100 points wins. Has been found to be true 91-92% of the time.
"I can breathe now there that lawlers law thing. First to 100 wins, its the law."
by andsa April 12, 2008
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The only real world living human replica of Gordan Freeman, Half Life's main character.
Hey marsh lets go ask Gordan Freeman (Mr. Lawler) to use his gravity gun to fly us to Xactek!!1!
by David Walter Rolph January 3, 2009
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