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Selah is a beautiful unique girl with beautiful lips and eye’s. Everyone is jealous of her, she has many friends and is usually the popular one without even knowing! She is very loyal, can sing beautifully and has a versatile personality.
Almost everyone wants to be her friend or boyfriend
Man Selah is so pretty and nice I think I’m gonna ask her out

Selah is the bestest friend ever

Selah is extremely beautiful have you met her? Of course! Who hasn’t?!
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by Waterbottlefilperthingy October 08, 2018
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brightens up a room with her smile

all eyes are on her when she walks in a room
you could look at her eyes forever and fall more in love with them and her every second

you're lucky to be friends with her
you're lucky to be with her
the way she says i love you could make your heart skip a beat
and I know that girl is the person i want to be with for the rest of my life
by NathanMiller January 01, 2011
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The best person you will ever meet.
Brightens a room. Gives you a smile that will outshine the sun. She will love you with all her heart and will never forget you. Whether you are an ex, a friend, or a person she saw at Walmart. She never takes you for granted and always thinks about others before herself. She's Godloving and cares for you no matter what you've done. She'll keep your secrets, and will only tell when she knows it's for the best.

You're lucky to hang with her. You're lucky to be friends with her. You're lucky to date her. You're lucky even to talk to her. You want to date her?

Go for it. Make the first move. I know I'm going to.
Isaiah: Hey, who's that girl?
Layton: Oh, that's Selah. She's Kool, right?
Austin: Yo we should invite her to a party.

Kellee: Ugh, we need to get Selah away from those guys. She's stealing my men!

Selah: Kellee's a ho.
by Secretadmirerer8/9 October 27, 2019
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the most amazing brown girl you will ever come across. Her name is not pronounced sa-lah but cee-lah. Get it right. She is thoughtful, caring and intelligent. Cherish her. If you're an asshole, she'll become a heartbreaker. You can't break up with her. She'll break up with you. Also has no feelings towards stupid boys, whatsoever.
it's selah sir.
i said it's selah, not salah.
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by whateverputinga March 14, 2018
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Caribbean equivalent of "word up", as popularized as an exclamation in dancehall by Beenie Man. However the word has been used for years by Rastafarians as the origins of this word are Biblical; it's commonly used in Psalms at the end of a verse. In the more secular use however, it's used to emphasize a thought, usually at the point of its conclusion.
"Pon bed pon floor against wall/
We sex dem all till dem call mi/
Im di girls dem sugar dats all/
Welcome di king of di dancehall/Selah!"
~Beenie Man

(Translation for the interested: "I have crazy sex with women on beds, floors and walls, so well in fact that they are fiending and calling me constantly. I'm unquestionably a ladies man, and king of the dancehall to boot. Word!")
by redgyul October 06, 2004
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A small town in Central Washington where nothing good happens. In fact, nothing happens.
Poor, poor Lacy, she could have made something of herself but she died of boredom in Selah....
by h.5 July 14, 2004
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the best pgn formal date ever
gosh, i really love that selah girl - she'd make a great date to formal AND FRIEND
by s March 17, 2004
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