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The type of girl who you can’t get over. She’s a girl who’s sweet as can be, gorgeous, photogenic as all get out, and has a hysterical sense of humor. Although she can be quite sassy and sarcastic, she’s a girl you know you’d want to be with even on the bad days. She’s super religious and has good morals, and she’s waiting for that perfect guy, which is keeping her from you. Every guy wishes they have a Sela.
guy 1: Have you seen the really cute new girl?
Guy 2: must be a Sela
by Red Sox 25 December 17, 2017
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A beautiful girl and also the nicest person you will ever meet! Sela can be sassy sometimes, but she is always there for you!
Jake: Oh Sela is so nice and hot, I saw her friend was sad and she just cheated her up instantly;
Mark: I know right! She is so sweet!

Jake: I should totally ask her out!

Mark: Yup, she is such a Sela though
by Sela_Shron March 16, 2018
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(adj.)something that is sexy, but unique and bizare. (pronunced SAY-LAH)
That dress from Hot Tpoic was so sela, you should get it!
by STRD May 20, 2009
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A very funny and outgoing girl. She is very nice and doesn’t like to hurt peoples feelings. She feels guilty with a lot of things. A lot of people think she’s funny. She can be quite sassy sometimes. She’s got a big booty. She’s very lonely though. No one quite understands her. She helps everyone else and asks if they’re okay. But no one asks her.
“That girl is super funny. But she seems lonely”,
“She must be a Sela”
by Sel bell June 02, 2020
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She is the nicest person you will ever met! Super hot! You will fall in love in her right win you look at her!
Person 1: Wow is that Sela!
Person 2: Yup, I know hot right!
Person 1:Yeah!
by Your_mom_was_here November 28, 2017
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A very agressive person. Who has natrual beauty and witty personalities with super smarts. She's a threat to simple minded people
Wow luck at selas and we personality
by Sbls May 18, 2021
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