When you nut so fast you don’t realize what has begun
Blake:yo bro I fucked savannah last night
Oz: are you sure you did seeded in her
9 months later
Blake:dude I’m gonna be a dad
Oz: I told you so
by Big booty boy March 21, 2019
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A combination of an obese pile of shit, an enraged gamer, and a friendless loser.

A Loser of losers.
Quit acting like such a seed kyle!

Look at those fat seeds playing with their gameboys.
by Koders March 7, 2006
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another meaning for seed would be in baseball terms:

(v.) to hit the ball or throw the ball super hard
(n.) the action of hitting or throwing the ball super hard

3. this word can also be used in daily life in replacement for hit something far or hard
Jimmy seeded the ball to the shortstop.

Jimmy just hit a God damn seed to the shortstop.

3. I seeded that chick with my paper ball.
by johnny appleseeddfgsdfg December 9, 2008
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Some one who can't hold it together in public or around hotties. Usually to hyper to cope with and tells awkward and boring stories about his or her "awesome" life... Downtown Windsor promoters or guidos are seeds.
person A: Yo broski check out my sweet due
person B: Don't be a seed...
by munchit! September 27, 2010
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Another urbanized word for the male genetalia known as "testicles."
Man, that hizzo kicked me right in the seeds.
by Phi Boy April 25, 2003
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On top of Miss Betty, all covered with seed...
by Anonymous November 2, 2002
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Rad. Lit. Groovy. Boss. Sick. Dope. Weed. Cool. Awesome.
Brah — that is SO seed.
by Maxxemer December 25, 2019
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