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Slang abbreviation of the fungal disease 'Scrophulareaceae Rot'

Although this invigorating fungi is primarily to be found growing on plants within the Scrophulareaceae family; it can also commonly be observed (under magnification) on Woolly bush (Adenanthos serecieus) and on the hirsute gonad pouch of the lesser brained Random bogan
Bogan1: "Tafe was so luke warm today; it is a good thing I had the scrot rot to keep me company"
Bogan2 (bogan in denial of being a bogan): You are such a Bogan

Dude1: "Dude, I have to tell you something; I dont think you are going to be krossd about it"
Dude2: "Dude, you know you can tell me anything dude. You're like my brother from another mother, dude"
Dude1: Well since you brought that up. I caught the scrot rot from you mums hot knickers dude; I'm sorry dude, but Im so scared, please hold me dude"
Dude2: Fuck off you Random bogan mother fucker
Dude1: Fair enough dude

In all seriousness folks, we have to inform you that the risk of contracting 'Scrot rot' in todays world of automobiles, double ended purple dildo bongs and other such fancy stuff is all too real.
We must protect ourselves; we must preserve our way of life for the good of humanity; for the survival of the earth herself.
Please; if you care you can help, you can make a real difference – it will only take half an hour or so a week out of your busy life, and it is both satisfying and easy to do. Take the time to shave or wax your 'fun zone' - it is the only way we can contain this epidemic and save countless souls the undeniable agony of itchy nuts.

Thankyou for your consideration of this matter.

This community service announcement was generously brought to you by the guys n’ gals down at:
Be a better Bogan inc.
Bobs dildo shop “From big to small, we shall fill them all”
Lionels house of Mirkin “mmm… Lionels”
by Luke Warm September 05, 2008
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A term for a sexually transmitted infection - cf. nobrot
Jim's got scrotrot again
by Mercunium August 13, 2003
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im sorry to say madame the results we took from your flange swabs you have scrot rot! we do have a cream to treat it tho!
by mike January 06, 2004
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the hairs that grow on your scrotum (ball sack). nothing to do with herpes. cant shave it coz u mite cut the sack an if u pluck it u must have balls of steel.
Girl-this scrot rot really needs 2 be shaved off
Man-Go on then
man- AAAAAAA you cut my ball sack
by sinton July 08, 2006
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vile pustules, degeneration and eventual violent ejection of one or both testicles
patrick and his strange predilections
by ciderpress 134 June 09, 2004
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the horrible hairs found on old mens balls
you ate his scrot rot
by robysta March 14, 2003
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the delayed pain felt in ones gonads after severe impact from a flying object (or foot). scrot comes from shortening scrotum and rot because the pain comes on slowly but is fucking evil dudes, im telling you.
shit, that bitch kicked me in the balls and now i've got fucking scrot rot big time!
by kristan james caryl June 05, 2006
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