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A common disease aflicting modern humans. Symptoms include not being able to see information on a screen in front of them, not reading directions clearly, or not scrolling down to see all the information presented. Symptoms aggrivated by use of the internet.
Do you have scrolliosis or can you see the comments I made on your spreadsheet?
by October 03, 2013
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Is the debilitating disease afflicting many internet users. Symptoms include continually scrolling down a site , such as Facebook or 9gag, automatically and often without thought. Severe sufferers return to the top of the page, seemingly randomly, to repeat the cycle. As a result they will often see the same inane posts man times over leaving them irritable and lethargic.
Gareth: Seriously you should give Facebook a bro man. You've been scroll down your feed all morning.
Jake: I can't stop! I've got a serious case of scrolliosis.
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When one's obligatory morning Facebook scroll leaves one hunched over and brain dead ninety minutes later.
Hillary: dude you're still here? You haven't even touched your coffee...

Donald: huh? Oh crap I've got scrolliosis again.

Bernie: you're a slave to the scroll, man.
by Gonzaretto November 19, 2015
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A physical condition of extreme eye strain caused by working on multiple monitors with several multi-page documents and/or web pages in use simultaneously.
John got a bad case of Scrolliosis working on that Word document and browsing the web at the same time.
by Nasa racer August 05, 2010
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