Checking someone out from a distance before you approach them. Derived from the word telescope
Look at Jerry over there scopin her out
by BMoney January 28, 2005
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Spieng on someone, then embarassing the person, by telling a whole crowd of what she saw.
Man, can you beleive that hoe was scopin me this whole time?
by Crunchy Black January 7, 2004
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Broadcasting Live Video Via The Periscope App On Your Cell Phone.
Are You Scopin This Event To The World?
by CorvetteDon November 15, 2015
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John Jay alteration of scopin the jope.
Scopin the jobe is used to describe a very tappable peice of ass (or any good aspect of chick) that walks by. This "jobe" must be a female, not weigh more than the scoper, not be able to beat the scoper up, and must have a full set of presentable teeth to be considered "scopable"
As JSluts, "Slut" walks by, he slants his head slightly down to ass level and hollers, "SCOPIN THE JOBE!"
by topher March 31, 2005
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looking for, or the process of looking at 455; see scopin' the chounce, tappin' the draft
Scopin' the jope isn't that good from the chairlift at the boardwalk...
by L33T_M@JIXX June 2, 2003
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