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When you poop and there’s a little bit left over in the toilet after you flush requiring multiple subsequent flushes.
Andrew went to the bathroom and scooged so he had to flush three more times.
by Scooger July 07, 2018
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That feeling/sound when you take off your shoes and your feet are sore, its like 3 orgasms at once.
Some old man:Need help?
Joey:Its ok, i can scooge on my own
Sam:Dont even scooge in my house.
Grandma:I will urinate on your face
Joey:Wait i have to scooge first
Sam: i said dont scooge in my house!
The Dog: damn thats alot of scooging..
by christian April 26, 2004
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Very similar to moo. Can be used in place of words or said randomly to mean generaly anything.
I feel very scoogie today.
I scooge you, you're my scooge.
The car scooged around the corner.
by Porciline February 06, 2005
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scooge: (skoo-ja) Noun, the material which falls out of the back of a hand-held food source. This word is mostly used to refer to the taco meat which is squeezed out of the back side as one eats the taco from the other direction.

Verb: "scooge" can also be used as a verb to refer to the actual process by which the source of food is excreting said "scooge."
"Man I'm really liking this taco, but there is so much scooge coming out of it!"

"Yea it's scooging everywhere!"
by 3pj February 19, 2011
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1) Any form of roadkill

2) Any form of crust forming around your face,
"Jesus! now that's what i call scooge"

"This morning i saw this half-badger scooged out all over the road."

"mate you got a bit of scooge on your left a bit... yeah you got it."

by Abe7664323 October 10, 2005
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