When one is totally wasted on alcohol and/or drugs at a hotel, and walks right into a wall mounted light fixture (sconce) in the hallway. Knocking oneself out.
He got a hotel room, drank the whole mini bar, and then sconced himself on the way to the elevator
by Smarty Marty NOLA July 25, 2017
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to be really, really fucking high.
Dude! Last night I was so sconced I watched Dora the Explorer for 4 hours!
by TheGanjMaster April 3, 2010
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To have a look at something or to investigate it further
When john found the door was open he decided to have a sconce inside.
by teddytheramgaterdfg April 12, 2009
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At certain UK universities, to force someone who falls into a specified category to drink. Often a part of formal meals and crew dates, the aim is to encourage excessive alcohol consumption. When 'sconced', those to whom the sconce applies must stand and take a large gulp of whatever alcoholic drink they are on.
"I sconce anyone who has defined sconcing on Urban Dictionary"
by haec est cicero1990 November 22, 2009
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Every slur in existence of the world / / a scone loving pedophile
“You’re a sconce” says elliewhat the fuck bro that’s way too far” says Thomas
by SconceArmy March 30, 2022
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To be overly annoying,dramatic,jerky,bitchy or just flat out gay. see ass hole.
Dude, don't get all sconce on meh.
by Vengence97 February 10, 2009
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