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A tradition at several universities, mainly in the UK, when a male sports team goes to a restaurant with a female sports team. Fancy dress is common but optional, consuming vast quantities of alcohol is compulsory. Side effects may include vomiting, the transmission of sexually transmitted infections, and failing academically.
"I got so wasted at that crew date I woke up in that ugly netballer's bed. Do you know where I can get tested?"
by haec est cicero1990 November 22, 2009
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At certain UK universities, to force someone who falls into a specified category to drink. Often a part of formal meals and crew dates, the aim is to encourage excessive alcohol consumption. When 'sconced', those to whom the sconce applies must stand and take a large gulp of whatever alcoholic drink they are on.
"I sconce anyone who has defined sconcing on Urban Dictionary"
by haec est cicero1990 November 22, 2009
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