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A Sco is a horrible person who takes things from people, while asking, but then dosn't wait for a response. You know a Sco.
Sco: "Hey man, Brah let me get some!" *Attempts to take*
You: "whoa man Don't be a sco!"
by MissionAgape October 14, 2014
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It is a conjunction of the phrase "let's go." First used on the television show King of the Hill by Dale Gribbel. Preferably used repeatedly and increasingly intense.
"Hey guys, sco to eat?"

"sco Sco SCO SCOOO!"

"Sco, dude."
by Dave Randall June 01, 2007
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An endangered species considered so pointless and useless that no effort is to be made towards conservation.
SCO is soon to be extinct.
SCO who?
by TonyM October 23, 2003
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1. Acronym for the Santa Cruz Operation.
2. A company with little or no moral codes, with horribly dishonest PR workers (Blake Stowell) and who uses the media to boost their already inflated stock price. This company seeks to charge money for Linux because it supposedly contains stolen lines of UNIX System V code, however, they have yet to prove their accusations in the form of lines of stolen code, documentation, etc.
3. A business model which is based on an RIAA-like model of "sue and alienate customers", however, involves taking large companies to court and just randomly sending out licensing requests for software which they don't hold the copyrights for.
"That company used to be so great until they went SCO on us."
by Phirkel February 01, 2004
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One of the top rappers from the "ZOO" section of the grimiest city in the commonwealth of Virginia, Portsmouth. May also be kn own as "Kartel" around various sections of the city.

An Urban Legend created by the local women in late 2016 surrounding a serial killer that was known for making his victims "TAP OUT" and address him by his appropriately given handle "KING D**K"
GF: Bae can you buy me that new "Sco" mixtape

THE REGIME: " Sco just dropped The Gastronot, now i can make it through the rest of this year"

dude 1: "Aye bruh that new Sco s**t a banger"
dude 2: "Bruh stay snapping on s**t"
by B.R.I.Q. CEO October 25, 2019
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