1. A back arching, hip lifting, mutual orgasm of two females scissoring. The point of climax is so intense that the contractions lift and raise each of the partners vaginas, locked in scissor, several inches up and off the bed or floor as they explode in ecstasy from this highly erotic, sexual act.

2. A construction or maintenance work platform. A type of platform that is motorized and moves up and down vertically using folding supports in a criss-cross or X pattern.
1. Fran and Sandy came home from the bar and quickly removed each other's clothes and engaged in some hot, wet scissor action. After rubbing each other to sloppy wet fervor, they screamed and both arched up off the bed in a climactic Scissor Lift.

2. Carl used a Scissor Lift to reach the burned out light bulbs located on the balcony of the second floor.
by Eaton Holgoode August 20, 2015
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"Two girls from coach just walked into the bathroom, I bet they're trying The Scissor Lift"
by Salamandr November 10, 2009
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When you have your day uplifted or bettered by Another Woodshop Podcast
I was having a shitty day until AWP gave me the good ol' Nebraska scissor lift!
by AWPee April 16, 2021
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when two consensual individuals engage in scissoring and one is so inspired that mid scissor they close scissor their formation thus clamping their partner which allows them to lift their partner, figure skating style, to bask aloft in mid coitus glow
In a fit of orgasmic rapture, she felt herself raised off the bed in an unexpected closing scissor lift.
by the curious c February 25, 2021
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When two people (usually lesbians) scissor and lift their hips up at the same time. Similar to a hip thrust.
by Evanissocoollikeyeahyeah January 26, 2022
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