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The German word for "black," also used in Yiddish and other derivations as slang for a "black person."
OMG...uns schwarzes kerl in Deutschland?

"omg a black guy in germany?"

by Whatthehellareyoulookingat January 07, 2009
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1. Literally, the German word for the color black.
2. Derogatory Yiddish slang for black person, equivalent to the N-word. A Jewish person using the term "Schwarze" while speaking English is being racist.
1. "Die Deutsche Fahne ist schwarz-rot-gold" - Germany's flag is black-red-gold

2. Person 1: I can't believe she's dating a Schwarze.
Person 2: Man, they're in love--don't be such a racist asshole.
by JJR1971 February 02, 2007
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