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This is a nickname or shortened name for "Nicole" as well as for "Nikita". "Nikita" is a Russian name and is masculine. "Nicole" is a French, English, and Dutch name, and is feminine.
Sara: Hey Nicole!
Nicole: Stop calling me Nicole! It's Niki! N I K I. Okay?
Sara: Okay, okay...
by Solène November 09, 2007

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Schwarz Stein is a Japaneses electronic band. It was formed in 2001 by Hora and Kaya. Originally, the duo called themselves "Rudolph Steiner".
In the band, Kaya is on vocals and lyrics and Hora is on keyboard, vocals, and programming.
Their name changed to "Schwarz Stein" upon joining Mana's record label Midi:Nette. Mana was formerly a member of the band "Malice Mizer".
Schwarz Stein disbanded in 2004, but both Kaya and Hora continue with their careers in music. Kaya and Hora have both released solo albums.
Queen of Decadence, Perfect Garden, Current, New Vogue Children, Artificial Hallucination...some of Schwarz Stein's CDs!
by Solène October 07, 2007

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