how to pronounce- its not shhhuler or squealer or anything like that not it's pronounced Skyler. did you go to shool? NO u went to skool (based on pronunciation). we r super kind tho, loves little kids, can get rly mad if ur on their bad side and is quiet sometimes to not start shit
"Schuyler is pronounced Skyler get that thru ur thiccc skulls"
by the last e girl standing August 30, 2019
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Schuyler is a sweet caring girl who is:
- caring
- kind
- loving
- beautiful
- a great friend.
'wow. who is that?'
"you mean Schuyler?"
by Bowtome123 July 24, 2014
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A very loving and affectionate creature. Of the kind nature, the best boyfriend any girl could ever ask for! Every girl should have one. Also is very good in bed
I love schuyler so much, he is very nice :)
by Jdjdhdjkslsdjxn January 20, 2010
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Pronunciation: (SKY ler)
-totally chill
She is super talented. That must be a Schuyler!
by ;):) October 3, 2009
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She tends to have a lot to say to those of her disliking but tends to be quiet for her own sake. If you ever meet a Schuyler, you'll know that she's very talkative and could describe to you the whole world. She's a thoughtful soul. But can get evil if rubbed the wrong way.
"Schuyler really can relate man, she's the best."
by [she] Schuyler December 21, 2016
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To say the same joke over and over again even though it isn’t funny or useful in any way.
Bro that wasn’t funny, that was kinda Schuyler”
by Not-a-problem July 15, 2019
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