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A crappy website that can barely function for a week without going down and s the most infuring website that I have possibly ever used.
God damnit! Schoology is down again! Now my teachers are going to give me a zero because I can't access the materials.
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by ChickenTend1es April 15, 2020
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A lame website public schools use, mimicking the layout of Facebook (mostly by incorporating the "like" feature) where teachers can make pages to post homework, assignments, etc; As well as a community message board for the entire student body and staff to post school-related stuff. Typically, students use it to post mindless nonsense like they do on Facebook, and don't use it for its actual purpose. The site is under strict regulation by the vice principal, who often deletes the posts after a day, so it's no fun.
Kid 1: Hey did you check Schoology for the homework?

Kid 2: No. I never go on it. It's so stupid, trying to be some kind of school-friendly Facebook. I wrote it in my agenda anyway.

Kid 3: Hey, look what Liam put on Schoology! He posted saying how milk came out his nose. Hahaha!


Kid 2: The vice principal is such a douche. Nobody even cares.

Kid 1: Yeah Schoology is pretty pointless.
by monsterock666 March 12, 2014
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I’m not gonna sugarcoat it. The worst fucking piece of shit website/app ever, Schoology is a website similar to Google Classroom. Unlike Google Classroom, Schoology is far worse, as it suffers from poor web design, servers that were most likely made from spit and leaves, being linked to PowerSchool (which is already a red flag) so assignments that were submitted are counted as failing or would fail to submit in the first place, and what the fuck were they thinking when they named this shit? Your brain thinks of pronouncing it as (School-OLOGY) but apparently it’s pronounced (School-OGY). What kind of drugs were the devs thinking when naming this, less making this spawn of Satan a thing. Seriously, Google Classroom was better than this shit, no fucking joke.
Teacher: Open up schoology because we are gonna learn shit that will probably not fucking matter because you won’t use it.
My brain: oh shit not Shitlogy please why didn’t we stay with Google Classroom
by AxolotlStudiosYT December 06, 2020
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School, but it's easier and safer to skip.
Hope: I heard that Alex is skipping schoology again.
Jenna: It's not a big deal, they can just do the work later. The teachers probably won't even notice.
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by Willow Chair September 28, 2020
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A website used by schools for teachers to post homework for students. Assuming that the website isn't down, it almost never takes submissions. The main gamic is that it syncs with power school, so teachers don't have to grade assignments twice. This never works and teachers always have to grade assignments twice. the program is slow when working and looks like it was built in 1998.
Teacher: "Why weren't you in the Zoom call?"
Student: "Schoology was down."
Teacher: "Where is your homework?"
Student: "Schoology wouldn't accept my submission"
by Squiffer_Attack October 13, 2020
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A VERY stupid website that teachers think the kids like, and crashes most of the time meaning you have homework on the weekend! It also has a very annoying system of how you select courses, so half the time you are stuck not having the correct course on your list
dad: did you finish the homework?
Kid: no that stupid schoology website went down so we have to finish it on the weekend!
by 1089 March 08, 2021
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