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A program that teachers use to post assignments for students. All students hate it until their school switches to schoology. After that everyone loves google classroom again.
Person 1: "I hate google classroom"
Principle: "We are switching to schoology"

Person 1: "I love google classroom and miss it so much, can we bring it back."
by Squiffer_Attack October 13, 2020

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A website used by schools for teachers to post homework for students. Assuming that the website isn't down, it almost never takes submissions. The main gamic is that it syncs with power school, so teachers don't have to grade assignments twice. This never works and teachers always have to grade assignments twice. the program is slow when working and looks like it was built in 1998.
Teacher: "Why weren't you in the Zoom call?"
Student: "Schoology was down."
Teacher: "Where is your homework?"
Student: "Schoology wouldn't accept my submission"
by Squiffer_Attack October 13, 2020

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The man who wanted to be a military drill sergeant, but failed to do so. He now is in charge of patrolling the school halls. He tries to tell at you for no reason, and has a mission to make your day a living hell.
Kid: Hey Tanner.
Tanner: How are you?
Vice Principal: Are you loitering around?
Kid: No I was just saying hi.
Vice Principal: Back talk? In my office NOW.
Tanner: Shit, this guy should have been a military sergeant.
by Squiffer_Attack November 28, 2020

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