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To take a nap in school. Can be mistaken for a classy way of saying "snap".
School kid; oh wow Timmy is schnapping again.

(What it can be mistaken for)
School kid 2; he would want to wake up, and make it schnappy.
by MemeFalcon January 07, 2017
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German word for liquor.

Has much alcohol in it!
Prost! Kipp den Schnaps auf Ex, du oller Schlucker!
by Nils April 29, 2004
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an exclamation used when exhilerated, angry or trying to get someone's attention (or all of the above)

(rod's definition, is the definative - daboz's is rubbish)
"Schnap!" (shortly followed by) "Hey! You! Listen!"
"Schna-aaaaaap!" (as if on rollercoaster)
"SCHNAP!" (follwed by i broke my penci, or that truck just rolled over my toe)
by rod fleming November 18, 2003
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Used to express surprise or astonishment. Derivative of "snap", as in "Oh, snap".
"Oh, schnap! Guess what I saw?"
by daboz April 28, 2003
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- n. - Old fashioned term acting as a swear word; only the ghettoest of ghetto use this term
Schnap, da cops is on to us!
by Bensta November 22, 2005
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the art of sitting on the crapper and taking a snooze, or more correctly... shitting and snoring.
I was disgusted and repulsed to find that my boss, in the stall next to me, had been taking a schnap-- to revive him, I quickly drew up mounds of t.p. accordingly, making a thunderous racket.
by malhill August 23, 2007
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