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Used to express surprise or astonishment. Derivative of "snap", as in "Oh, snap".
"Oh, schnap! Guess what I saw?"
by daboz April 28, 2003

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A symptom or sign that a male friend of your is not hetero.
"Dude, when they broke out in showtunes and started dancing around, I knew it was time to leave."
by daboz April 28, 2003

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A declarative statement of affirmation, usually used when putting down sucker MC's and wack ass busters.
"That was some cold shit. Ding dong, yo."
by daboz February 02, 2004

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A guy who lives with his mom, has no job, no car, no life, and no prospects, yet still thinks he's better than you.
Obssessed with hanging around you and constantly trying to impress you with things you know he hasn't done.
"Did you hear that Bob was talking about how he was gonna go to New York this weekend?"
"Yeah, right. The guy can't even afford a bus ticket. He's such a gollum, he's probably gonna ask me for a ride."
by daboz April 28, 2003

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