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v. To eat out a girl's asshole while she is taking a shit.

The term originated in the burbs of Philly when a young boul with the last name of Schlupp ate out his main bitch. And to his bewilderment, she took a shit on his face.
Joey: "Damn, I lost a bet with Jessica last night and I had to eat out her asshole."

Tom: "That's not that bad dood. Jessica's bangin.."

Joey: "U ever hear of a schlupp?"

Tom: "Uhm niz dood..."

Joey: "She made me eat her out while she was takin dookie."

Tom "Holy shit.. that's y u keep that bitch in the damn kitchen"
by TommyBroHAMa November 19, 2011
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schlupp is an amazing sexy guy that has the biggest cock ever i think its arounf 15 inches and has a huge booty
look at that schlupp
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To schlupp is to suck on one singular fanny lip
I schlupped on Paul's mom. She thought it was a tad odd but overall she enjoyed the experience
by Schlupper April 05, 2019
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