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(n.)'SHlab' In reference to any particular item that is introduced or presented to a group of individuals in the gesture of a gift.
(v.)Schlabbin ('SHlab-n')
(vpt.)Schlabbed ('SHlab-d')
Noun(e.g.)Hey man, don't worry about not having any beer for the party because I have plenty of schlab for the both of us.
Verb(e.g.)I saw Zac schlabbin at the bar buying everyone drinks.
Verb(past-tense)I know David was being generous, but I do feel like he schlabbed too much of his stash for everybody last night.
by bmead23 February 10, 2010
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v. Getting one's dick wet

n. The act of penetration, usually oral

Derived from the sound made by a hard cock on a wet set of lips
Bro 1: Did you bag that skeezer last night?

Bro 2: Nah dude, she's a teaser. I didn't even get schlabs!
by schlabmaster69 May 30, 2010
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