A schism is a great seperation. For instance America broke free from the British empire through revolution, thus causing a schism. Also a catchy Tool song.
It was hot so my pants and I had a schism.
by Nobody you know May 26, 2004
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to pull a cat out of a fetal pigs liver and lick it then keep it as a pet forever and ever
it was my first schism, it was awesome dude!!
by Pete A File May 16, 2008
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An act often preformed at Bibby's house parties.
A higer form of orgasm.
Take one look at Bill Kaulitz with his jeans really low. You'll get what I'm talking about.
Can also be used as (Or)Schismic
Cinabun told Man Whore he look Schismic in his black stapless dress.

2 people: Rockstar and Flashy
by JesterMayge March 19, 2009
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Another way of saying the phrase

"God dam it!"
man: Hey Jeff!, Sara accidently crashed your tesla model x on the motorway

Jeff: oh Schism
by The local dentist --TB-- February 3, 2019
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1. Used to explain or refer to something as good or palatable, closely related to awesome or gnarly.
2. Can also be used in place of the word shit.

Example: " Dude, you just won the lottery! That's totally schism!"

Example #2: " Pass the weed, that's that schism!!"
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1. schism (n.)A period of time in which, if you eat, you feel as if you will puke.
2. schismed (v.)The feeling of simply not wanting to eat.
1. When I went to Chicago, I so had a schism!
2. yesterday, I schismed during lunch.
by Erik Belsaas April 28, 2005
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Really meaning a "great divide," but can also be used to describe the relationships among people. Occurs when one is mad at someone else or a group of people. Can be an interjection as well.
Thanks for standing me up! Now there is schism between us!

I hate you so much right now! Schism!
by Sammyhohoho June 7, 2005
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