Noun - Sperm, Semen, Etc.
Noun - Ice Cream
1. Ms. Guillory took a huge load of schema to the face.
2. Dude, chocolate schema is so good.
by eldanesh April 29, 2007
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A person known for scheming or scamming other people. Schemas make use of nasty schemes to deceive investors into fraudulent investments.

They're also known for stealing away loved ones as a way to prove their commendable social skills.

Basically another word for 'Scammer'.
"Schemas are often seen laying out Ponzi schemes to scheme the naïve population."

"Poor Bill from next door just lost his
by The Anti-Schema Cult. September 17, 2018
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Noun- Ice Cream
Adjective- Semen
I love chocolate schema!
Squirt that schema in my face
by PENELOPWNED February 20, 2007
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variation of scheme or schemes, refering to a individually or in plural context schemeas
by dakotta December 4, 2004
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Im a mufuking schema boy
by Immustyaf December 28, 2018
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The "schema hormintz" is executed when you are hiding in your own smoke to confuse the enemy players. It is used in the videogame "Counter Strike Global Offensive"
Did you see what s1mple just did?
Yeah, it's called schema hormintz, 200iq play if you ask me.
by PlayboiZsolti December 2, 2020
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The art of being a tool, as specifically defined by Toulmin, and his rather dripsy schema; to exude a massive quantity of toolishness
My nigga Chuck Reed avidly studies the Toulmin schema, hence, he displays its properties well.
by straight william November 17, 2003
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