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Scemo - scene/emo kids.

Scemo is a word used to describe kid’s who dress like the scene fashion and the emo fashion crossed, they will often wear bright coloured t-shirts or hoodies mixed in with dark makeup and black skinny jeans, a lot of chains, and generally OTT clothing, their hair may be scene cut or emo cut but will always be accessorised with cute, if a little over the top accessories while boy scemo’s normally sport a long mullet with neon streaks or highlights, and may sometimes accessorise their hair this is not frowned upon in scemo society. To scemo’s the most important thing in the whole world is music nothing will stop them listening to music, many scemo kids can’t go a couple of hours without listening to their music. Their music choice is extremely diverse, if you looked on a scemo kids play list it was range from Shania twain + Swedish pop singers (caramel dansan) to metallic and iron maiden. Scemo kids aren’t normally violent although will get into heated discussions on which band is better than another scemo’s don’t slit, like emo’s do, it is just the emo style that they partake in, scemos are usually VERY sarcastic and have wicked sense of humour, they will play practical jokes on you, and are normally very loud hyper active in in your face they will literally glomp a stranger if they like their bag or something’ (at least that’s what the scemo’s are like here)but they can also be extremely depressed and upset, they may not cry, or not cry as much as emo’s cry but they do have their little “moments” basically their like bipolar or something, however, no matter how loud and obnoxious scemos are, they make the best of friends as they will stand up for anyone even if they barley know them, they will actually listen and console you if you talk to them about a problem and best of all they know how to have a good time!
Scemo - originated in England, which is unusual as 90% of the fad’s in the world today are leaking from the USA. I personally haven’t heard it used outside of the northwest of England AKA Manchester/Wigan/Lancashire.

Note this is only the English version of scemo, they style and attitude may and probably will vary according to where you live.
omg that kids so scemo
by Shitawashii January 07, 2009
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Scemo is basically a mix between emo and scene.
Person 1: Is he emo?
Person 2: No, he's scene.
Person 3: You're both wrong! He's scemo!
by Connnuhr August 11, 2005
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This weird and wonderful creature is a cross-breed combination between an Emo and a Scene. This breed is rather rare but is multiplying in numbers, and when seen should be photographed for proof!

- A typical Scemo is often confused and in denile about being either one of them.
- Usually seen wearing drainpipes(skinnys), Black hoody, and a H&M kiddy top ... mostly found in either batman or spiderman or superman!
- Can have either the typical scene hair (fringe clipped across the forhead). Or the all in the face emo look. Or a mixture of both!
- Mainly found in Topshop, H&M kiddys, Or some form of a coffee shop..
Girl 1: Hey look at that, *points at snemo*, its an emo.
Girl 2: Thats obviously a scene you dumbass.
Girl 1: Nah i swear she's an emo, look at what she's wearing!!
Girl 2: Yeah but look at her hair...
Girl 1: I guess... I know she's a Scemo!
by Dani _x && Hannah -x- December 29, 2005
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The Italian word for "idiot". (fem. = scema)
I can't believe you got all those questions wrong. Tu sei scemo!
by Mad_Wog_Gina_Per_Sempre May 06, 2004
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A mix between scene and emo for those who cannot decide between the two. Scemos are often very awesome and it is natural to be totally jealous of their awesomeness

They sometimes wear dark clothes like emos and sometimes a lot of color like scene kids. It depends on their mood.
xxEmoKidxx: Hey, are you emo?
I'mTooAwesomeForThat: Pff, naww. I'm scemo.
xxEmoKidxx: Man.. I wish I was that awesome..
I'mTooAwesomeForThat: Chyeahh.
xxEmoKidxx: *sniffle*


xxSceneIsLovexx: Lyke hey nigz
I'mTooAwesomeForThat: Hey there.
xxSceneIsLovexx: lyke omg you're cool. you mustsh bee scene ryte???
I'mTooAwesomeForThat: Naww. Scemo. Jealous?
xxSceneIsLovexx: YESH!!
I'mTooAwesomeForThat: Yeah, take the pain.
xxSceneIsLovexx: Wow. You're totally made of awesomesauce.
I'mTooAwesomeForThat: Yes. I know.
by KatieIsTotallyScemo March 15, 2009
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A combination of "scene" and "emo". While scene kids are just acting emo because it is "cool", true emo kids have issues... or at least they act like they do. Scemo kids have a tendency to act emo when it is convenient, and become outrageously happy and preppy whenever they feel like it. Most scemos are very social. Some people have described these individuals as slightly bipolar.
"That scemo kid was just crying during Dashboard's set, but now he's over there laughing with his girlfriend."
by coveredinbees219 November 25, 2005
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