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For a start i want to say I think labels can be used to describe how someone dresses, there is such thing as goth, punk and emo fashion so i think if what you wear fits into the scene you shouldn't get pissed when people ask you if you belong in it. A scemo in my opinion is someone who posses the personality traits of either an emo ( deep, quiet, introverted, sensitive, bipolar, emotional, pessimistic, thoutful, emotive and creative) or a "scene kid" ( optimistic, happy, bubbly, random, confident, different, extroverted) or a combination of both. Generally people will have a combination of both so what really makes you seen as a "scemo" is if you dress in a mixture of the two. Band shirts, converse, black eyeliner, fringe (emo) and neon skinny jeans, candy bracelets, crazy hair and a colourful hoodie. Emos can dress however they want and so can scene kids. Just because you choose to follow a lifestyle doesn't mean you limit yourself to one fashion sense. That's why the only reason to really know is to ask them :)
That quiet kid in the corner, writing in a diary wearing a pink hoodie and a BOTDF shirt looks like a scemo. There's no point labelling him though.
by Black_Paradex December 24, 2014