To be scared and aroused at the same time.
Matt was scaroused at the thought of a "thunder cunt".
by teh_pwnerer711 February 22, 2011
When your scared but also aroused.
I feel really scaroused when being crushed by someone’s thick thighs
by Starsly February 19, 2021
The saying or act of something the slightly scared the hell out of you but also excites your naughty bits
Vallee scaroused me today when she was yelling with a knife in her hands.
by Josallee November 24, 2021
To be both afraid and fully erect simultaneously.
"oh my god I just saw the trailer for dark souls 3! I'm Scaroused"
by Dayisgone November 27, 2015
To be scared and aroused on at the same time.
Gina: And then he almost punched me in the face, and I got a little scaroused.
Becky: ....I think there's something wrong with you.
by Fridaysarelegday February 13, 2014
When you are both scared and aroused at the same time.
While having sex, my wife ignored my safe word the first few times. It wasn't funny, but I didn't want to admit I was scaroused.
by Scarbane April 10, 2014
The emotional state of being both scared and aroused.
Naga ASMR on YouTube will give you scarousal like you've never felt before.
by PeacockCandii November 14, 2020