A Saying in Counter-Strike meaning literally "messagemode2" or "team talk only"
by Jessen July 15, 2003
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mm2 can be used outside of gaming. It would be replacement to the commonly used and much loved acronym, STFU.

Only this time you are telling someone to mm2, and they're the only person on their team.
Listen to some idiot talking and then say, "mm2"
by shoesy March 15, 2005
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Person 1: Wanna play MM2
Person 2: Yes, I have godly
Person 1: Ok, add me for godly
by Hyebun1 May 17, 2021
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12 year olds (sometimes legitimate 15 year olds) who think they're cool by blasting shitty loud music on their radio. They usually wear "aesthetic" or "trendy" clothing and look like slenders/copy&paste kids. Most likely over the level of 200, have insane skill but are annoying and toxic as fuck. Most of them are basic oders on Roblox and will most likely team with their boyfriend/girlfriend and legit half of the server ships them.
Person A: "Damn those are some MM2 pros,"
Person B: "Bruh they might be good but shit damn their music taste is trash"
by Nullxium September 12, 2020
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