A sex position, typically performed by homosexual males, in which one man suspends the other male in the air by his own erect penis.

Men will scaffold sometimes when they run out of excitement in their sex life and have tried every other position.

When one has been scaffolded repeatedly or roughly it is not abnormal to sustain some rectal bleeding.
John was scaffolding British men in his room all night long, so he didn't get back on Xbox until 5p.m. the following day.
by MasterScaff April 23, 2020
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Used much on the website, Woot.com, is a particular item of little to no use, overpriced junk, and Woot-off killers.
"Today on woot, we have a lovely usb powered fan with real foam blades."

Random person: "what a piece of scaffolding."
by Mawgy September 23, 2009
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The Supplies and materials used in scaffold erection.
Scaffolding may include but is not limited too: wood or aluminium kick plates, Aluminium tubes, Right Angle Clamps, Swivel Clamps, Steel Ledgers, Standards, steel or wood planks, ladders
by Scaff1325 December 11, 2010
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Scaffolded {past tense} is the act of having been a participant in a scaffolding.

Scaffold is a sexual position in which, typically homosexual, men will suspend another male in the air by their own erect penis.
John Doe has been so despondent lately because those British guys scaffolded him pretty roughly in his bedroom last night.
by MasterScaff April 23, 2020
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A sexual position used by, typically homosexual, men in which 1 man holds the other up with his erect penis.

A rough scaffolding will often leave you with at least a small amount of rectal bleeding.

If you have been scaffolded recently you might experience involuntary defecation.
John really likes when British men scaffold him in his bedroom.
by MasterScaff April 24, 2020
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Professionals in the ancient art of erecting, modifying and removing scaffolding. Often referred to as erection specialists and are known for their strong work ethic. Their role on the job site is extremely critical to the project, as almost everyone uses the temporary structures they build. They do dangerous work so other trades don’t have to. Not only is their job hazardous, but it is also loud, sweaty and dirty, which also describes what they’re known for being like in the bedroom.

When they’re not being super badass construction workers or making babies, their hobbies include; getting tattoos, breaking the law, shooting guns, befriending strippers, buying drinks for everyone, hitting on your spouse, indulging in virtually every vice known to man, and occasionally failing breathalyzer tests.
“Ever since Diesel got a job as a scaffolder he became the most badass dude on the planet.”

- Diesel’s friend

“That scaffolder is the hardest working son of a bitch I’ve ever met.”
- Every other tradesperson

“I want to be a scaffolder but I just straight up don’t have the balls to do it.”
- Some guy watching people build scaffolding

“Every time I see that guy he’s drunk and high.”
“Yeah, he’s a scaffolder.”
“Oh, okay. That explains it.”
- Two observant bar patrons

“I fucking hate those guys. My wife left me for a scaffolder.”
- An Electrician

“Are you afraid of heights?”
- Foreman
“Nah, bro. Heights are afraid of me.”
- Journeyman Scaffolder
by Hand Grenade August 29, 2019
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A temporary elevated work platform used to safely complete a task, which is installed by a competent Scaffolder. There are six types of scaffolding: wood-pole,Tube and Clamp, system, welded tubular frame, rolling, and suspended.

A scaffold is used to complete tasks of other trade-workers at heights.
a scaffold maybe used to protect sidewalks from falling objects when construction is going on overhead.

a swing-stage used by window washers and re-placers are suspended type scaffolds
by Scaff1325 December 11, 2010
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