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A "special angle" that turns general triangles into right triangles, which in turn produces beautiful geometric results like the Pythagorean theorem and hundreds of trigonometric formulas.
Like the beloved number 7 among marketeers and Bible lovers, the privileged status of the right angle shows that a 90-degree angle has acquired cult-like status among the angles.
by MathPlus September 10, 2016
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When u throw ur legs up back away from you. In a fashion so that it looks like a 90 degree right angle.
Joe "right angled" up to class.
by Matt November 23, 2004
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When one or more persons engage in the act of searching for bits of crack cocaine that may have been dropped, usually after the initial stash is gone. (See also CARPET SURFING)
ex: Lewis was at a RIGHT ANGLE soon after exhausting his supply of crack.
by Whiskey Drinker Me November 30, 2009
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Right angle make it in the form of a right angle in your hand and you will see a Capitalized "L" which stands for Loser which someone is saying about you when they call you a "right angle".
by Right Angle May 27, 2018
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