To scadge is essentially to 'bum' something from someone, to ask for it without intent of paying

A scadge can also be someone who is very cheap and/or does this frequently
Can I scadge a fag off you?

Can I scadge some money for bus fare?

That guy always comes round and smokes my dope and eats my food, he's a fucking scadge.
by Jeemurr July 11, 2008
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A word used to describe a nasty build up of a substance. Used when simple words such as scum, crap, crud and sludge will not suffice.
Plumber to customer: 'that's a large build up of scadge (around that pipe) you've got there'
by shorty84 March 19, 2008
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The collection of debris and sweat that gathers in the rectal crease between the buttocks.
It was roasting at graft the day. I better go scrape the bum-scadge out before it cakes me kegs

Here, pet, come smell me bum-scadge
by TheTrufflingPig July 12, 2020
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