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The body parts of a prep, cook, or waiter that (usually accidentally) gets in the food.
Waiter, holding up a piece of garlic bread with dried blood and dead skin sticking to it, says to the cook: "Oh, man! That is disgusting! I can't serve this to the customer!"

Cook: Sorry, bro, we got so busy that I didn't even realize I had cut myself while making prep. We're slammed and don't have time for this. Just throw the bad piece of bread away and serve the rest as-is. I promise that I'm disease free. A little scabbage won't kill him."
by Zawinul October 09, 2013
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Flaking skin, scabbing, or any skin that requires removal due to an injury, tattoo healing, sunburn, etc.
Due to my 2nd degree sunburn, I must begin the scabbage harvest tomorrow.
by bdbf4l July 27, 2010
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The act or the process of removing scabs onto people.
That bitch totally deserves a scabbage treatment
by Homsar January 24, 2004
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A scabbed area that is particularly crackly, flaky, or tempting.
Don't pick your scabbage!

Her scabbage from that motorcycle accident is really gross!

Mom! The scabbage from the scrape on my leg is bleeding!
by JoCobs March 02, 2010
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someone/something that is either looking or smelling nasty or both after a night out/lack of sleep/sleep in the clothes they are currently wearing
"see that guy there...he's totally a scabbage" or "i feel like a complete scabbage"
by Craig Aitken June 07, 2005
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Sloppy, stinky, slutty waste of a human being that is emotionally and mentally retarded. In other words "an easy piece of ass" if your that desperate.
Well dude, guess I'm taking home a Scabbage tonight
by Weapon June 03, 2016
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The condition that affects most Meth Addicts. It appears as sores and scabs that the addict picks at as the additction worsens.
Damn, did you see the scabbage on Amy's arms?... She needs to lay of the Meth.

meth crank cracker monkey tweak
by tha malcontent August 18, 2012
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