Abriviation for snap back
Usually found on Snapchat when a user wants you to snap them back
by Kate1303 October 16, 2017
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SB Means Sidebar. So if they post something they can use "SB" to say something else
I look soooo pretty in this picture 😍
SB: I know my hand looks crippled.
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Snap back. Usually said at the end of a snapchat someone sent you. They want someone to start a conversation with them by snapping them back.
Person 1 on snapchat: streaks sb
Person 2 on snapchat: hey how you doing? Xx
by Defining.ur.issues April 15, 2017
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The chemical symbol for Antimony, a toxic heavy metal.
Person A: Did you hear about those Zhu Zhu Pets?

Person B: Yeah, i hear the kids are going crazy over those things.

Person A: Dude, they've got Sb in them.

Person B: WHAT?! ANTIMONY?!?!?! First the baby toys with lead paint, then the McDonald's Shrek glasses with cadmium paint, now ANTIMONY in KIDS' TOYS?!?! Is ANYTHING safe anymore?!?!

Person A: Dude, calm down. The old lady in the apartment below us is banging on the ceiling...

Person B: Oh... Sorry Mrs. Jenkins!
by H3X0 July 1, 2011
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If somebody uses "Sb" on snapchat it'll mean "Snap-back". So as an example
Oi who wants to go to our friendly neighbour hood paracetamol dealer tommorow sb (snap-back)
by Anonymous Garage Door December 9, 2016
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