The 51st semi-metallic element. Antimony has been known since ancient times, as well as its high toxicity. It's an extremely brittle substance that'll form a dust if you crush it, and'll fuck with your lungs if you breathe it. It has its uses in alloys for Type Metal, and compounds for flame-resistance. It's also paired up with Lead for use in electronic goods. The name "Antimony" is formed from the Greek words "Anti" (not) and "Monos" (alone/single), meaning "A metal not found alone". This refers to the fact that it doesn't like being left uncombined, and its ability to form many compounds with other elements to create minerals such as Stibnite (Antimony sulfide), or Dyscrasite (Silver antimonide).
Antimony powder should NOT be snorted, ignoring the fact that it can kill you like many other drugs can.
by CHNOPS July 9, 2020
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adj. Complicating otherwise simple things in order to make life more of a struggle, and therefore more interesting. See also autoschadenfreude.
"I can't go to that party tonight; I'm feeling too lonely."

"Dude, why do you gotta be so antimonious?"
by SkippyD1 April 22, 2006
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A historical figure who has helped millions of students memorize the symbol for the element, Antimony.
If you find yourself stuck on remembering Antimony's symbol, think fondly of the character it is named after, Susan B. Antimony.
by kirupa March 8, 2012
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