1) An ultra cool person with a unique personality on his on. When someone says you're a Sayn, it literally means they look up to you because A) You have the charisma B) You got what it takes to stand up on your own in the midst of being attacked by the people around you, even without help.

A Sayn normally has a unique sense of fashion that may either attract good impression or simply a subject of insults. But make no mistakes, when someone is a Sayn, he can be verbally agressive and turns the tide of the war. Sayns are usually confident on the inside yet prefer not to show it on the outside.

2) Someone who has a lot of secret admirers yet doesn't know they even exist.
1) John: "I can't stand that guy, I got my friends to mess with him all the time"
Mary: "But I don't think it'll work. He's a Sayn."

2) Greg: "You know I'm kinda sad that no one seems to have a crush on me."
Fisher: "No one? Heh. You must be a Sayn."
by Gaga19293847561 November 4, 2009
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Literally, "Do you know what I'm saying?", or "Do you follow me?", or "Have I made myself understood?"
"Yo, dem rims is off da chain, nahm sayn?"
"Fo' shizzle, mah nizzle."
by Pecan Pie April 30, 2004
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"know what i'm saying?"
used as a 'understand?' punctuation in hiphop vernacular; jamaican rudeboy equivalent: 'seen?'
word, that chickenhead is crazy, nahm sayn?
by nagus March 14, 2003
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"do you know what I'm saying" slang used by stoners/potheads(the cool people duh) can be answerd by "I don't gnome yer sayne" which doesnt translate back as easy but is basicly "i don't know what your saying"
Cole:i got a quarter bag 'o' chron biddy gnome sayne!
Trevor: i Don't gnome yer sayne don't be pinner
by cocamacolaa April 18, 2008
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Naam sayn = Know what I am saying?
Yo I fucked this bitch last night and we did some trippy shit naam sayn, that shit wasn't chocolate naam sayn.
by Oliver Herrström August 15, 2012
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Broken down version of "You know what I am saying?". Often used by a guy seeking agreeance from his homies after he has made a statement. Do not use if A.) The statement or idea is stupid or fucked up, in which case "nah sayn" may backfire terribly on you. B.) If you think no one will agree with you, again leading "nah sayn" to backfire on you. C.)If you are white and can not make a deep enough "G" voice when saying "Nah Sayn";That will often lead to someone saying "Man Shut Up." Synonyms: See Nah Mean and Ya Heard?
Michael: Man, Brandon's mom is a milf, I would tear that ass up..Nah Sayn?
Kyle, Anthony, Nathan, Sean, rest of corner at lunch: Yeah fo sho dawg, every position in the book.

Michael: Nah Sayn Playa?
Gabe S: Yea.
by Mike Op January 20, 2008
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