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Not your ordinary run of the mill gal, a Saydi is compassionate and a great friend to have by your side. She may have a fear of clowns and birds but that only adds to the qualities that make her unique and fun to be around. She is not a writer by trade but will sit and talk to you on the phone for hours on end about nothing like best friends do. Saydi's don't have to be the center of attention but are qualified to take the role with their many artistic and creative talents. Once you find a Saydi, never let her go because she'll accept you for who who are even if that means she has to wake up early which Saydi's despise because they are rarely morning people.
Taylor: wow! You know that Saydi girl?
Howard: yea! She's such a good person!
Taylor: I know, right?
by Y.O.H April 02, 2013
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