A sawed off shotgun, in which the barrel(s) are sawed off to become shorter, for the purpose of the pellets inside the shells to spread out over a vast area. The accuracy is lessened by this but a sawed off 12 gauge is a gully weapon to have.
"...Up into my bag, cuz I gotta get my mask
and shells to put in this 12 gauge sawed off...
by Leathaface July 22, 2003
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When someone is very intoxicated, done for the night.
Wow, look at Kyle make a fool of himself, he must be sawed off.
by Paulie wally May 30, 2010
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Off The Chain, Off The Hook, Madd Tyte, Cool, The Cats Pajamas, Neato

term refers to sawed off shot guns...term discovered by Ray Balles aka DJ Hide
You best back up cracka, ise about to bust my sawed off free style out up in this piece.
by Deroy Bolten April 10, 2004
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This sawed-off bastard was just asking for trouble with the law.
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pants that fall between the ankle and knee in length; essentially capri pants for men, made to sound more manly.
guy 1: dude, are you seriously wearing capri pants?
guy 2: psh, no, capris are for women. these are sawed-offs.
by i invented shizam August 11, 2010
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sawed off is what u call someone who is very short and stumpy (or has one limb shorter than the other
"i have had enough of dom that sawed off bastard"
by ac January 24, 2004
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