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Emo band from New Jersey that often juxtaposes dark lyrical themes with catchy, pop-influenced rock music. Known for the talents of their acne-scarred singer/songwriter front man Chris Conley. A varied line up has produced a collection of albums that range from radio friendly to angsty post-punk. After their major label debut "In Reverie" was a flop they went back to indie label Vagrant Records and haven't look back since. They sound better than ever and have written some amazing songs. Conley has recently collaborated with Say Anything's Max Bemis on a side project entitled Two Tongues.
The first time I saw Saves The Day they opened for Hot Water Music at the Duke Coffee Shop. They were supposed to play Cat's Cradle but Smashing Pumpkins came to town unexpectedly and bumped them.
by Blunt Roller May 17, 2009
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An awesome indie, rock, emo band consisting of:Chris Conley - Vocals/Guitar Pete Parada - Drums, David Soloway - Guitar, Manuel Ragoonanan Carrero - Bass. Their lyrics really reach out to you and make you think.
by Sean bat August 11, 2006
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Not just a band for rich white kids. This band started off in New Jersey, and the member that has been part of the band the whole way through is Chris Conley- who has written all the influential lyrics.
Known for lyrics. Overall a truly awesome band.
I love my STD
Saves The Day support the vegetarian lifestyle.
Have you heard the saves the day album 'can't slow down'. It was done when they were 16 and is amazing!!
by I<3MySTD April 29, 2007
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probably the best band i have heard in a long time. and im not a rich white kid. they have lyrics like no other band i have ever heard chris connelly is a genius.
Saves the Day is defintely the best thing ever to come out of New Jersey....along with Kevin Smith movies.
by saves the day May 02, 2005
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one fucking good band. they write lyrics that make you think.
saves the day's "through being cool album" was the shiets.
by fawkawha? August 29, 2003
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