A beautiful girl, usually blond. She's insecure, and just needs someone to tell her she's beautiful. She fangirls, but hates being called fangirl. She believes many people hate her, but lots love her and she pushes them away. She is very inappropriate, and that's why people love her so much. Her humor is out of the roof, she rarely laughs herself though. She has many friends, but only a few best friends. Those best friends, she's always around. She has great taste in music, and well go to the extreme to defend it. Savannah is perfect and just needs to see that!
Girl1: Savannah is so gross, how can you talk to her?!

Girl2: She's hilarious, you wouldn't understand.
by Maybe.maybe. November 16, 2014
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A beautiful girl with brown hair and green eyes. She loves her beagle, Eleanor. Typically friends with girls named Jess. She has a heart of gold and always knows how to make people smile and laugh. She can throw puns like no other and is always up for a good time. She's a bad ass bitch. If you ever meet a Savannah, never lose her.
Jess: Hey, have you seen Savannah??
Person: No, why?
Jess: She's amazing.
by badassbitchhh13 January 07, 2017
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A hot brunette who is amazing with music and style. She makes people crack up randomly and loves AIM. Her ideal best friends are the Megan.
"You've been such a Savannah lately. I'm so jealous!"
by UrbanDictionary Editor March 21, 2008
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usually a brunette, shes very good in bed, a phenomonel kisser, intelligent, and fun person to be around. she is also probably a gorgeous person inside and out.she may act like a very strong person, and she is, but is really looking for someone to listen to her needs. she is very loveable and beautiful, and may have a nice thick, curvy figure, which men love. even when her intentions see, good, she is most likely playing you and you wont even know it
wow. that snobby girl is such a savannah
by Purtyful October 13, 2011
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Usally has dumb moments but still smart. She gets angry faster than you think and mostly has an attitude.likes to hide her feelings and would rather not bring up the past.when she does express her feelings it usally is important You must earn the trust of a Savannah. Once in her comfort zone she is wild and crazy. She also has big dreams and a crazy imagination most likely has multiple talents. She is most likely to be curvy and blond. But when she is a brunette it is better. You don't want to be on a Savannahs bad side and when shesays she likes you she does! When you first meet her try to be nice and don't let her slip away because she will!
"Who is that wild girl ?"
"Oh, that is Savannah"
by Savage 888 September 03, 2016
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Pyro. All Savannah's are super pyros. These intense pyros are destined to burn down the world. They will set the world on fire and you will not be alarmed. Savannah's are legit.
Boy: Hey what are you doing?
Girl: Setting the world on fire.
Boy: you're so intense!! You're a true, legit pyro! You must be a Savannah!
by Savannah Rae Lee December 11, 2010
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