a saying to express your excitement, originated from two Palm Desert High students class of '10 Colton and Don; yelled across the quad to attract others attention; used when sexy girls walk by yu to call them towards yu!; the middle woah's O is stressed more.
"Woah WOah Woah, big party big party!!!!!"
"Woah WOah Woah -colton
Woah WOah Woah -jordan (then meet in the middle of the quad)"
"Woah WOah Woah -don
"o dons calling us!!" -sexy girls"
by yeahhbuddy December 24, 2009
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A phrase used by the love our life Peter Kavinsky. Used to describe confusion or alarm.
woah woah woah....Zara what did Kyla say?
by Jake1114 September 20, 2018
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When someone is being annoying and starts lying about shit
Guy one:You're really ugly and annoying. (But he's lying and he's just mad)
Guy two:Woah woah woah buddy! you got to much dip on your chip!
by IDontPot October 16, 2019
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